Grammy Girls (Plus Reese and Walt) do Lunch

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This happened last Sunday, but I had a whole lotta posts last week. Then time got away from me.

The Grammy Girls have had to work extra hard during the past year to hang out.  This is ironic being that the past year is the first time all five of us have lived in the same city! Jen Green moved back from North Carolina last summer (preceded by Jess the previous summer), only to complete our grand plan to terrorize Dallas with our antics.  Our friendship of five is always evolving (as life does) and in a true quirk of the universe, the day that Jen Green moved back, I broke the news that I was pregnant.  Just three months after that, Stori had her own news of a baby! 

Luckily, we have a fabulous backbone of a friendship. Though we may not be jet-setting to fabulous Hollywood weekends (omg, how I will miss those trips for the foreseeable future!!!!), we certainly make our own fabulous-ness.  Even as of late, we’d meet for trendy brunches in cool downtown Dallas locations (with bottomless mimosas). We have gotten creative with our hang-outs, and honestly I don’t think we’ve missed a beat. This is a testament to the effort of each and every one of us, and I, for one, really appreciate it! Last Sunday, we made brunch our own. We had a beautiful brunch at Stori’s house, that I’m certain rivaled many of the fabulous brunches we’ve shared together.(It was darn close to a Chateau brunch, minus the $18 mimosas!)

Reese and Walt got some great hang time together, and boy-oh-boy are they cuties! Reese is almost exactly three months younger than Walt, but sure gives him a run for his money with her adorable, squeezable rolls. Her giant eyes will melt anyone’s heart, and she already has Walt tied around her finger 🙂 He was quick to protect her from all the oohing and gooing coming from the ladies.

Walt trying to give Reese some love
He grabbed her hand as the flashes from cameras were going crazy
Seriously?!? How insanely sweet are these chubby hands and legs together?!
Reese is giving “the eyes” to her protector. Such a beautiful little girl!

Shut up. Egg casserole, french toast with homemade strawberry glaze. Duh, and a mimosa.
Beautiful table and food. See, we had some fruit. It wasn’t totally indulgent. What’s not shown are J Green’s simply sinful Butter Bars. Those were a meal in themselves!

The first Grammy Smoosh with Reese! She is totally unimpressed 🙂
The Grammy Girls plus 2nd Generation!  I love this pic!! (Notice, Walt is STILL protecting Reese).
We took LOTS of shots like this. It was hard to make the babies pay attention, then we all kinda lost it. Notice that Reese is fascinated by her piggies, and Walt thinks we are flat out ridiculous

Walt was a champ hanging with all the girls.  He certainly wasn’t devoid of any attention, so I think he loved that. When I left, I barely got the car started before he was completely crashed out. I have to say, having a baby absolutely, definitely, with no doubt changes your life. But, by the grace of my husband, friends (and a little of my own determination), I can’t say I’ve felt like I’ve missed out on much. Though the effort to do adult things is greater and takes more coordination, I think it’s been very healthy for me to be a wife, friend, student, employee, and most importantly, a mom 🙂

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