My Little Giggle Box

I learned two things a week ago. One, Walt thinks sneezing is hilarious.  Two, our camera doesn’t take lengthwise videos.  So, I’m sorry that this video is sideways. But, now we know 🙂  Chris was filming this and I was “fake” sneezing (and I did so silently as not to distract from the giggles from the little guy).

I’m headed out on a business trip and wanted something to remind me of Walt while I’m gone. I’m in the midst of an insane travel week. We went to Gilmer over the weekend, I’ll be in Atlanta for two days for work, and then we head to the Big Apple to watch Chris’s cousin, Allison, get married. New York can’t get here fast enough! I can’t wait to see what Munks thinks of the big city!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. That is very cute! No better sound in the world than a baby's laughter!
    Hope your business trip goes well and that you guys have a blast in NYC!!!


  2. Perri Aloha says:

    That is the sweetest giggle!


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