The Bruns’ Family Takes on NYC

What a post this will be!  Many of you caught my numerous updates on Facebook, so I’ll try and provide some new and compelling information. Although Hurricane Irene was certainly a topic of conversation (and Facebook updates), it really didn’t run our entire trip. Let me start at the beginning:

Here is Munks on his first plane ride!

We got Walt a plane ticket (which means he had a seat). I had read a lot of various opinions. As you may or may not know, any child under 2 can be a lap baby.  Seeing as the flight to NYC is 3+ hours, I wasn’t sure I wanted to hold Walt that whole time. It worked out great, b/c he slept for almost 2 hours on the way out there.

We stayed in midtown at the Hilton New York. Walt did great in the porta-crib and was pretty go-with-the-flow about everything.  I am kinda a Nap Nazi, so I made sure Walt got his morning and afternoon naps in the hotel room in a nice nap atmosphere. Although it wasn’t always convenient to be out and about then head back to the hotel for a nap, it was worth it in the end. Good naps = Good Munks.

The wedding festivities were amazing just as I suspected. The rehearsal “meet n greet” was at Sardi’s in Times Square, the wedding was at St. Ignatius on the upper east side, and the reception at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. Chris’s cousin, Allison, was so stunning. She took my breath away walking down the aisle. I’m such a sucker for weddings anyways.  Her bridesmaids were in floor-length, purple, one-shoulder gowns. Everything was just perfect. Unfortunately we had to bail the reception kind of early. Walt fell asleep (according to plan), but woke up after only 20 minutes and was WIDE awake. It was already so far past his bedtime, so we trekked home. No, literally, we trekked. We thought we could walk it.  And we did. But my poor toes in my 3 inch heels were not happy about the 45 minute walk!

Saturday and Sunday we just milled around the City.   Walt did everything with us. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and was such a trooper! Hurricane Irene shut down mass transit starting at noon on Saturday. The worst part of the storm was so many businesses were closed (most workers need the subway to get to work). The precaution was good, but the storm ended up much like a storm in Dallas in April. Trust me, I’m grateful that it was non-eventful.

Without further ado, here are more pics:

Walt with his great uncles and his Papa. That’s a lot of sport coats!

Sport Coat Dudes

Times Square!

The Munka Fam!

 A rare moment with just Chris and I

What a trooper for letting me dress him up (minus the tie… i couldn’t button the top button on his shirt!)

This picture does this amazing church zero justice, but it’s a start

Our little family in Central Park on our way to the reception

Walt and I having some fun at The Boathouse

We walked through Central Park on Sunday after Hurricane Irene. It wasn’t totally nothing. There were downed tree limbs and we saw one tree completely uprooted.

Papa, Chris, and Nana (Chris’s Parents) with Walt in Central Park

Love this grinning bear! We snapped this after a great dinner at Da Marino in the theater district.

Last day… in Rockefeller Center. How adorable are both these guys!? The loves of my life!

I call this first family vacation (out of state) a true success. There were a lot of challenges (Hurricane. ’nuff said), but Walt was really great throughout everything (until the plane ride home, where he was just completely spent and at the end of his rope… he fussed and fidgeted for 90 minutes before he finally fell asleep. He definitely hit coo-coo town!).  We can’t wait for our next family vacation!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Queen B says:

    Your dress is awesome – and you look amazing in it 🙂

    LOVE Walt's little suit!

    Glad y'all survived the trip and the hurricane 😉 I enjoyed the hurricane's generation of $3 hurricane happy hour at some bars around here


  2. Team Bruns says:

    Thank you!! 🙂 Would you believe I found the suit at Sears of all places?


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