Viva La Mexico (or "How to have fun on your vacation without missing your kid too much")

By the grace of so many things (grandparents, jobs, necessity, etc), Chris and I were able to take a mini vacation to Mexico last weekend.  Being the travel brat that I am, I was still feeling cheated out of our Baby-moon last fall (recall I sprained my ankle and broke my foot…to the point of surgery… just 48 hours before I was to board a plane to San Francisco). For obvious reasons, I was really bummed by this, and frankly thought that the opportunity to travel (just the two of us) would never present itself again.

Well, it did. And, it was great!  Walt spent half the time away with my parents, and half with Chris’s.  In all honesty, it wasn’t totally miserable leaving him. The worst part was dropping him off the night before we left and having to meander through a too-quiet house.  Once we were on the plane (and on the beach) it was really nice.  Chris and I realized that it’s not Walt, necessarily, that we needed to get away from, but the never- ending schedule (when does he eat next? when does he sleep next? what can we do to entertain him?). Just being able to lay in bed for an hour after waking up was such a fun treat. Chris and I also found time to talk about NOTHING.  When we find time alone at home we’re always talking about what’s going on this week, what’s up at work, who’s taking Walt to school, etc.  In Mexico, we talked about meaningless stuff, and it was so fun!

Despite the amazing vacation (more details below with the pics), it was SO much fun to come home to our little bundle. Normally, I dread coming home from vacation so much that it puts me in a sour mood and could even result in some tears shed.  Not this time! That plane couldn’t get us home fast enough.  When we walked in the door, Walt flashed us his million-dollar grin and we all but forgot we were without him for three days.  Another HUGE thanks to our parents for taking such outstanding care of Walt, and to Walt for behaving as he should 🙂

From the lobby of the hotel looking out on the ocean. Gorgeous.

This is the view I dream about and have since our honeymoon. It’s an open-air restaurant right on the water. Breakfast here is amazing.

On the beach!

From our balcony at night. Loved just sitting out here.

In the ocean!!

A very sweet honeymooning couple we met!

Chris’s artsy photography skills 🙂

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  1. Your trip looks and sounds heavenly!


  2. Queen B says:

    fantastic! what a nice treat 🙂 and to come home to the li'l guy was awesome, I'm sure


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