Ok, I admit. I really thought Walt would either army crawl until his 16th birthday, or just skip traditional crawling all together and go right to walking.  But, like most things in Walt’s life, I was very wrong!.  When I brought him home from daycare last Thursday, I nonchalantly plopped him on the floor. He looked up at me, smiled, and crawled like he’s being doing it his whole life.  Here’s a little snippet:

As an aside, Walt has propelled himself from being somewhat mobile to being a curious little guy who gets into everything. He is so interested in everything (love this) and he’s afraid of nothing (scared of this!).  Right before he figured out how to crawl (the old fashioned way), he began pulling himself up on things. The problem is, he has no fear in how to get down from the standing position. Flinging himself seems to be the most efficient means 😉

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  1. what a pro!

    (he might be ready to take over for Romo now 😉


  2. Yaaaay, Walt! You definitely look like a pro crawler already! You and Asher would have lots of fun (and get into lots of trouble) together 🙂


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