First Yamboree

As you can see, I’m so far behind. A couple weeks ago we made the trek to Gilmer for Walt’s first annual Yamboree. (For all my fellow grammar Nazi’s, I realize that “first annual” is not possible… it’s not an annual occurrence until it’s happened more than once. Well, I promise this will be an annual thing…trust me). 

We spent Friday afternoon walking around the square and just absorbing everything going on (games, rides, lights, food, etc).

Dad and Munks checking out the Midway
The Bruns Family among lots of terrible/delicious food
We even ran into Uncle Phillip on the Square!

After an hour stroll, we came back to Nana and Papas and got to meet a friend, Brettlee!  Brett was one of THREE friends who was due at the end of April. She was the only one who came even close to her due date.

Chillin on the porch
Janna and Blake (16 mos) and Walt and me

 On Saturday morning, we witnessed Walt’s first Yamboree parade. This is a BIG deal.  The parade feature floats of the Yam Queen and her Yam Court (100% serious). The dresses are the most fun for me to look at 🙂  Walt was a super big fan of the entire parade. He loved the cars driving by.  Jeff and Janna McClure and their adorable kiddos, Cash and Blake, came up from Tyler to share in some Yam fun.

Walt LOVED the parade
Excited to see some floats!

He’s either mad at what I made him wear or annoyed I made him look at all the pretty girls in their dresses

Loved the fire trucks!

Walt was a super champ the entire weekend. He loved all the activity, got to play with his cousins, Kate and Maddie, spent some quality time with Nana and Papa, and had an all around great time! Can’t wait until he’s asking us when Yamboree is b/c he’s so excited. I know it’s a tradition I’ve grown to love a lot!

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  1. he's getting so big! love the annoyed look 🙂 lol


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