Walt’s First Halloween

I must say, Walt’s first Halloween was a huge success!  By success I basically mean that he went along with all our hoopla with very little push back. It was like a tame episode of Toddlers and Tiaras (only not tiaras, or tutus) 

As most of you saw, Walt dressed up as a monkey (appropriately given his multitude of nicknames: Munks, Munka, Munka Man). He was certainly not a fan of his head piece, but with some distractions, he forgot it was on his head 🙂  One of my other concerns was Walt’s early bedtime. So, we went out early, but just walked around. We didn’t start ringing doorbells until it was almost dark.  Once other kiddos started to emerge, Walt loved watching them whiz by in a whirlwind of giggles. He never got scared when we went up to people’s houses and usually got more excited when family pets greeted him versus getting candy in his bucket. I can’t wait for many more Halloweens to come! And thanks, Walt, for all the candy for mom and dad!

Papa Chuck and Papa Ronni came by to see the Munks
Full body shot of the whole get up. I loved the big feet!
Get this silly hat off my head!
Still trying to get rid of the hat, but at least with a smile on his face

And we’re off!

Taking advantage of our neighbor, Chris’s, killer carved pumpkins. There were so many!

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  1. LOL! The hat is so cute… poor guy 😉 Hmmmmmmm, candy for parents as a result of trick-or-treating… I like this idea!


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