Doits, Dats, and Uh-Oh

You can put down the phone.  No need to call the asylum just yet. I haven’t quite lost my marbles. My blog title simply reflects Walt’s inventive little language.  He has developed the cutest little babble. He is using inflections in his jibberish, so it sounds like a real conversation. He’ll even ask nonsense questions. “Ba ba dats?”

The one word he uses most frequently is “dats”.  He has just figured out the “s” sound and loves to make things plural. Usually the “s” gets dragged out to “ssssssssssssssss”.  In my head, I thought “dats” was a substitute for “that” (he points at things and says it). But in reality, I think it’s just a Walt-ism. 

“Doits” came out of Walt’s mouth on the way to gym class last week and had Chris and I in stitches. What a funny little word!  We’ve now named his bath toys “The Doits.”  We have quite the collection of professionals in that family: there is Judge Doits, Senator Doits, and others 🙂

Finally, Walt loves to say “uh-oh”.  Usually it comes out just “uh-uh”, but with his aforementioned inflections, he clearly is trying to portray this popular phrase. One favorite context is tossing his sippy cup on the floor and exclaiming, “uh-oh!”  Not funny, Walt!

I wish I had some of his words on video. Hopefully soon. It’s been a tough week for Mr. Munka Man. He’s been taking breathing treatments since Tues. and now has a ravenous diaper rash (he’s never had diaper rash! Even when he was itty bitty!)  The poor little booger is just a pitiful mess. Next week should be better and maybe he’ll perform a bit for the camera 🙂

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  1. hahaha! too cute 🙂 I love “doits” for toy names. love when they start getting to that age when they put things together (like “uh oh”)


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