Dylan Brady Harris – WELCOME!

I must say, I sure love this time of being a grown up where we’re constantly welcoming new life into the world. It definitely seems that 2010 and 2011 were record years for people we know having kiddos. 

Last Thursday, Mr. Dylan Brady Harris (newborn son to my high school friend Renee (Chafitz) Harris and her super great husband, Jacob) made his appearance to the world! The Harris’s are very, very dear friends to us and we couldn’t be happier for their newest arrival. Walt is especially excited to have yet another playmate. He sent his well wishes with me and told me to tell Dylan he’s excited to show him how to drool, clap, and get into trouble 🙂

I went up to the hospital on Friday to see mom, dad, and Baby Dylan.  Holding newborns is such a fabulous feeling! They are only that little and completely helpless for such a small amount of time, that you really have to soak in the moments. Having been a mommy for (almost) 10 months, it’s times like these that remind me not to wish Walt does things he’s not yet doing, but enjoy exactly where he is.  Here are some delicious pics of the handsome boy:

Just precious. I could have put him in my pocket!

You can’t see, but this kiddo has a full head of hair! At first glance, he’s a perfect little mix of his mom and dad

CONGRATS Harris’s! Can’t wait to continue our friendship with the next generation!

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