Walt is TEN Months

Walt is already in double digits?! Wow.  I’m in shock. It feels like I was pregnant just yesterday (though part of me feels like that was a totally different life).  We now have a full-fledged mover who is the coolest, funniest, happiest, sweetest little thing in our lives.  At 10 months, Walt does the following:

1. Crawl for real!  Just when I thought he’d army crawl his way to prom, I brought him home one day and he was off. Literally. I’m not sure he’s sat still since!
2. Pulling up:  About 60 seconds after figuring out the crawling thing, Walt realized he could get into more things on his feet. He often makes a beeline to electrical outlets, breakables, or anything that could potentially cause choking or stitches.
3. More waving: Walt waves at EVERYTHING. He waves when someone walks in the room, when someone leaves the room, when he pulls up on something, when he wants something…etc, etc, etc. 
4. Eating: eh, still not as perfect as I’d like (I have high expectations!).  He happily eats stage 2 baby foods. I can occasionally sneak in a stage 3. As for table food, he’ll try a bite or two of avocado or black beans, but it usually ticks him off and he just makes the rest of the meal miserable.  We’re going to try some pasta this week. He has backed off his bottles a tiny bit–Just drinking 6 oz now.  So, at least he’s slowly weaning off that!
5. Naps: Still takes (and loves) his two naps. One in the a.m. and one in the p.m.  Walt’s school wants me to work towards one nap (I guess the class above him does just one nap). Walt (and I) are not ready for that, so I politely didn’t give permission.  Controlling mommy? Perhaps.

Speaking of Walt’s school, they keep telling me how big he is. His teacher told me the other day that he looks like a toddler (GASP).  My baby, a toddler??! Where does the time go?!  In the midst of the chaos, I definitely try to make a conscious effort to soak in all the moments. Here’s the little guy (very unhappy with our photo shoot):

My long-legged cutie!

He was really unimpressed with me posing and poking on him


Sitting big 🙂

This is the look (and whine) I get a LOT when he’s just done with me.  It’s half faking, half real…but fully hilarious

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  1. First of all, Walt is sooo cute! Asher misses him! We should try to get together with the boys sometime soon.
    Secondly, I'm with ya on the eating/food woes. Asher isn't quite there yet either. Sigh.
    And finally, ten months is waaay to young for a baby to drop down to one nap! Good for you in declining that request from his school. Momma knows best! 🙂


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