Valentine’s Day

It was Walt’s second Valentine’s Day and he’s much more thoughtful this time around. Walt and I scrambled to put a Valentine together for Dad and it’s pretty evident. Here’s the end product:

I keep seeing all these precious finger paint projects on Pinterest. I thought, what a cute (and cheap) way to say “I love you”.  I didn’t realize “messy” would play so heavily into this.  All the smears and finger prints are Walt’s attempt to pick up the paper while trying to get an imprint of his hand. This really just wasn’t a well thought out craft on mom’s part.

Walt got me some pretty daisies and chocolates.  Chris surprised me on Feb. 15th (I had class on Feb 14th and who wants to eat a prix fix menu anyways?) and he took me to see Beauty and the Beast. It was fun because it was during the week, there was no one there, and we just enjoyed each others’ company. I also don’t know the last time Chris and I saw a movie in the theater together?? I think we saw Bridesmaids last summer? It was certainly a happy heart day!

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  1. Aw – that is precious!


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