A Day in the Life of a SAHM

Today I kept Walt at home with me because his school was closed.  It was a fun excuse to play hooky with my favorite little guy and spend a day as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). I saw this term with nothing but pure adoration.  Like many women, I am torn between working and staying at home. After long and circular conversations with my friends it’s pretty much confirmed that there is just no “right” answer here.  Both are extremely tough and each have their own amazing rewards.

So, for this day, I immediately called up my friend Stori and Walt’s bestie, Reese, to see if they wanted to have a play date. Before I had Walt, I had lovely visions of play dates where the mom’s get together, maybe sip some white wine, eat grapes and hummus, and let the children quietly play while they catch up on gossip.  Perhaps I watch too much television? Here’s a summary of our play date which was lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and some playtime at the mall play area:

  • Set Walt up in the high chair
  • Set Reese up in the high chair
  • Scatter lots of cheerios, puffs, graham crackers across the entire table
  • Smile and say hi to Stori 
  • Remove the knife from Reese’s hand
  • Pick up Walt’s sippy cup from the floor
  • Order food (and wine) 
  • Ask Stori what’s new
  • Bust out round two of food snacks, scattering equally for elongated entertainment 
  • Pull 20 goldfish out of Walt’s mouth to avoid choking disaster
  • Give Reese a spoon

You get the idea.  Stori and I miraculously were able to have a conversation, but I’m not sure we ever looked at each other. Stori spent at least half of lunch under the table retrieving food items (and another good portion under the table NEXT to us).  

When we ventured to the play area I almost lost my mind. It was packed (Presidents Day) and the kids range from about 7 months to 7 years. That means little babies are prime targets for trampling. Luckily, Walt could care less and had a really good time. I broke a sweat and was totally exhausted!

I also had my hands so full I took two pics, so I had to steal the rest from Stori.

About to enter the play area. Reese is telling Walt he has no idea what he’s about to see!

The sweet love birds sharing a puzzle

Saying goodbye. Both were exhausted… so were the kids 🙂 

I don’t get to do it enough, but I love the times I get to spend with my friends and their kids. It’s truly magical memories!

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