Mr. Independent

Lately Walt has really been exercising his right of independence.  He’s always been a pretty awesome independent player. He’ll sit with his toys for what I think is a decent amount of time for a toddler before he comes looking for company or getting into something he shouldn’t. 

It is also no secret that he’s quite particular about his food.  But, we’ve recently discovered that Walt loves using utensils!  We experiment with a spoon (harmless) on occasion, but the other day Walt was desperate to use my fork.  Check it out:

I was surprised at how skilled he was!  He definitely needs help stabbing the food, but after that he’s got the idea.  This new-found skill has also proved really helpful in trying new foods. I can’t say he’s shoveling green beans in his mouth with a fork, but the novelty of the utensil is distracting him from the the otherwise ickiness of foods he doesn’t care for. Read: I can get him to take two bites of something he hates rather than one 🙂

Here’s the Munkaman eating some yogurt with his spoon:

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  1. Love all these recent updates! And I am super duper impressed with Walt's mastery of the spoon! Kid's got some good hand-eye coordination. I predict he will be a musician or an artist with that kind of fine motor skill 🙂


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