Walt is 15 months!

Our little man seems to be doing so much lately! He’s totally turning into a little boy and I see his personality a little more each day. I just love it.

First, we saw Dr. G yesterday and here’s the stats on our giant child:

Weight: 28 lbs 4 oz – 90-95%
Height: 32.8″ – 95%
Head: 19.5″ – 100%

What he’s doing:

  • Walking. But, we all know this now.
  • Talking. He says a handful of words (not all of them exactly right, but he’s trying). He says “mama”, “dye-dye” (bye-bye), “pup” (dog, puppy, etc), “uh uh” (the sound a monkey makes), “uh oh” (often while chunking food off his tray, “up”, “sssssshhhhh” (shoes), and “hiiiiiiii”.  
  • Communication. While his vocabulary is limited, Walt knows how to communicate. He signs “eat” and “more” and he’s not afraid to use it. He points at everything. He also blows kisses 🙂
  • Learning. Walt knows a few things like where his nose, eyes, head, and ears are.  He doesn’t get it right all the time, but we’re working on it. He also likes to cover his eyes when you say “Where’s Walt??”

Other things he does that don’t necessarily make the above list include sticking his finger in his nose and eating rocks and grass. Told you he is a boy!  He does ABSOLUTELY love bubbles and is just shy of saying this.  Usually when Walt is outside it takes an army to coerce him back in without a meltdown.  Speaking of those, he’s not afraid to pitch a fit, which I know is about to get way worse. All in all, he’s still a pretty chill and fun-loving guy.

I just love this picture. Walt’s taking off into the sunset.

Watching TV is a very new thing. This absolutely cracks me up.

Waiting at Dr G’s office. Look at that BELLY!

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