Walt Gets a New ‘Do

After putting it off for (too many) months, we decided to finally go get the Munka Man a big-boy haircut.  We went to a super cheesy little kids haircut place. I chose this route mostly because we wanted to distract Walt with lots of things so he wouldn’t freak out over the haircut part. I guess I forgot that my child is so much like my husband and completely laid back.  He thought the whole experience was great! He never got anxious and actually laughed at the electric trimmer and the hair dryer.  Behold the before, during and after pics 🙂

We decided 1993 was not coming back.. and neither was the rat tail.

Long, shaggy hair up front .. party in the back.

Way excited to be in a car!

Putting on the cape!

He had this look on his face most of the time.

I’m unnecessarily coaching him. He did so good!

I absolutely love the look on his face here.

Getting your hair cut is fun!

More hilarity with the blow dryer

Cool guy style

The final product!

Chris and I were so proud of what a big boy Walt was, and I’ll admit I got a little teary during the process. The end result makes him look like a certified toddler.

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  1. It looks great! glad you went for the cheesy place – looks like fun 🙂


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