The Swimming Monkey

At the urging of some friends, we decided to enroll Walt in some swim lessons this summer. It didn’t take much arm turning as Walt is completely fearless in the water. He is so overly cautious about everything else in life (hello, took him 15 mos to walk!), yet he will go face first into water no problem. He even will suck in a bit of water time and time again, but it does not faze him. He’s a nut!

I thought I’d share some pics and videos of how much the Munks loves the water.

First class. I’m super excited. Walt is observing.

“Motor Boat”… kicking for balls!

Practicing lying on our back next to our friend Juniper (and Juniper’s mommy, Becky)

Monkey-walking on the wall (their term, not mine… shockingly)

Preparing to jump to daddy!

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  1. aw đŸ™‚ he looks so happy!


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