Happy Father’s Day, MunkaDad!

This Father’s Day we spent it in Gilmer, which was nice because it’s always so relaxing to be in the country. Chris got to do what he loves the most, which is play with his best buddy and play some golf. So, you can imagine the excessive amounts of joy when we combine BOTH of those things into one, single activity.  To my chagrin, Walt was totally interested in the sport of golf and kept wanting Chris to help him. He’d follow him around with the mini-clubs saying “Help me! Help me!”  How could he resist!?

Chris and I are so thankful to each have our own father’s still around and even more blessed that Walt loves his Papa Bruns and Papa Chuck.  He lucked out and makes them both happy just by knowing one simple word, “Papa”.  (Even my mom, who goes by Papa Ronni, will take “Papa”).

Here are some pics of my future PGA Tour champ and his caddy. You figure out who is who 🙂

keep your eye on the ball!

Just put that ball anywhere (if no one is watching)

Chip it in!

 Happy 2nd Father’s Day, Chris! We love you!

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