Friends with Kids

Since we’ve had Walt (going on 20 months now, omg), I have been pleasantly surprised by all the new friendships we’ve created. Not just brand new friendships, but new dimensions of existing friendships.  It seems like there’s this unspoken bond among parents with children around the same age. 

Maybe it’s because you “get it” when you see a toddler ripping through toilet paper and eating it, or you understand when the night ends at 6:30 p.m. because you’ve stepped into the witching hour, or it’s okay that your afternoon plans changed dramatically at the 11th hour because someone woke up with a runny nose all of a sudden. What’s more is you don’t look at your fellow parents in disdain at these decisions, but your heart melts and you feel an instant sense of empathy.

We have met people we otherwise wouldn’t have met either through Walt’s school, his activities like MyGym and swimming, or just neighbors in the new neighborhood. These new relationships are huge blessings! We have also cultivated some of our existing friendships, much like our friendship with the McClure’s. Jeff was Chris’s best man and has been a friend for most of Chris’s life. We’ve done plenty of great things with the McClure’s, including staying up way too late with bottles of wine and an uber competition game of Charades.  These days our fun is different, but dare I say better? We have the joy of sitting back and watching our children mingle and play and what fun that is!

Here are some pics from a recent visit from the McClures and their beautiful babies, Cash (4.5) and Blake (2).

Aunt Janna brought her iPad and it was like moths to a flame


Blake and Walt enjoying some bubbles

Cash thought the Little Tikes mobile needed washing… with bubble soap. Walt agreed.
After their fun stay, I found puppy nicely tucked away in the guest bed. He’s still there 🙂

While this weekend was extra special with the McClure’s since they live in Tyler and we don’t get to see them much, we are so thankful for ALL our friends with kids… new and old 🙂

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