Is That a Shrimp in your Pocket?

On Saturday, we decided to spend some quality time with some of our new neighbors, The Allen’s. The Allen’s have a little boy, Austin, who is just a month older than Walt. Perfect!

I had a stroke of genius and thought the kids would enjoy a dinner at Benihana.  It’s entertainment AND dinner all in one!  Despite a couple meltdowns, it really was one of the more “relaxing” out-to-eat experiences we’ve had lately.  Too often we spend 70% of the meal trying to assuage Walt (who is only entertained by eating food for about 20 minutes before he wants to get down and get into stuff he shouldn’t).

Check out Walt and Austin’s screamin’ good time:

The boys are checking out the smokin’ grilled onion guised as a choo-choo train!

Trying to get these guys to 1) look at me and 2) smile was an act of God. Clearly, I could only deliver 50% here.

I love this pic! He actually kept the chef hat on and was super intrigued by something – possibly shrimp flinging or knives flying.

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  1. hahahahaha. very creative. I would not have thought about Benihana being an entertaining place for kids. but anything that can hold their attention works, I guess 🙂


  2. bloem family says:

    How fun! And yes, we've tried Benihana with the kids too… worked out pretty well (considering) 😉 Cute pics of the boys!


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