Summer Play Date!

I realize my time is getting precious. I go back to school this week, and that inevitably is such a time kill for me.  Typically Chris is who gets the short end of the stick. I really have to pick and choose my “free” time so carefully between friends, family, and our little threesome. Not to mention a little bit of “me” time in there!  It’s really a tough balancing act and nothing is ever evenly balanced. My goal is to just make sure nothing is out of balance for too long.

I digress!  My point is, I wanted to take advantage of these last carefree moments, so we had a fun little playdate today.  Walt’s buddies, Reese and Ellie, came for a visit. Walt really loves the ladies, but I’d venture to say Ellie LOVED her some Walt. She hugged and kissed him about 2,308 times.  Ellie just turned one is such a little lady.

Reese is Walt’s BFF from birth.  Ok, so maybe MY BFF, Stori, and I are forcing wishing for a super bond between these two. They are nearly exactly three months apart, and all bias aside, they love to roll around together… literally.  Take a look:

Reese and Ellie checking out some auto-bubbles

The girls are nicely playing. Walt is a little territorial over the bubble machine…hence the look on his face.

LOL. Don’t touch me!

Much to Reese’s daddy’s chagrin, we plopped these two on the bed together. They rolled around. It was hilarious.


I sure enjoy all of Walt’s little friends! They all have very unique personalities and bring out something different in Walt. XO.

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