End of Summer

Man, we had a good summer. Walt took swim lessons and can hold his breath for 7+ seconds (not to mention blow bubbles, splash like a maniac, and jump tip of the side of the pool). Walt and I spent quality time every Sat. and Sun morning together while Chris did some work.  Walt became my little grocery shopping buddy.

We also spent a lot of time playing in the park by our house and with all our new neighbors. It’s been so great to have a neighborhood full of young kids.

On Labor Day we met our neighbors, The Allens, for a trip the splash park. Despite all the fun summer activities we DID do, we never made it over here til the “unoffiical” end of summer. What an awesome place this is! I really thought these pics truly captured a summer feel and in my mind, sum up our summer.

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  1. Sara says:

    aw! I love his little swim trunks.


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