State Fair of Texas 2012

With Chris working parttime on the weekends and me juggling school for one last semester, we’ve been hard pressed to find some good family time.  We decided to play hooky from work and keep Walt out of school and take a family field trip to the State Fair of Texas.

Now I know you’ve been reading our really disguisting bout with disease, so you should not be surprised to read this paragraph. On our way downtown, I happily was pointing out “big trucks” and big buildings to Walt. He loves big trucks and thought he’d get a kick out of seeing all the cars on the Tollway. I guess the site-seeing and stop-and-go traffic was a little too much and he proceeded to puke up two yogurt cups while I’m flying by the Galleria.  Oh joy! More throw up!!  We pull over and thank GOODNESS Chris had taken his own car, b/c I sent him straight to Target for a change of clothes. Having been homebound for nearly 3 weeks, I was NOT letting this stop our outting! I was convinced (and now, I truly am convinced) it was simply car sickness and nothing more.  We changed Walt, put him in Chris’s nice, clean car, and I rolled all my windows down and we were back on our way.

We didn’t stay long on the Fair, but it was great for Walt’s first experience. Here is the adventure in pictures:

We found the animals!

Dad and Munks – walkin’ about

Loved feeding these goats!

So happy!

When are we gonna see more goats, Mom?

Seriously. Could these guys be more twinsy!?

Mommy helping with the super sweet sheep!

Walt and Goat!
We had a great time! Walt behaved himself and really loved the animals. He ran free in the kid’s barnyard. I can’t wait til he can ride rides, though after the barfing incident, he might be on his own. Can’t wait to take him to the Yamboree in a few weeks!

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