School Daze

Walt has been in daycare (we call it school… it feels better) since he was three months old. I can confidentally say it’s actually more school-like these days.  Don’t get me wrong, the kiddos spend most of the day playing, but they are definitely learning too. Walt comes home from school saying and knowing more things every single day.

Walt’s teacher in his pre-toddler class was sweet enough to snap some pics of the kids at school. The kids in his class are aged 17 mos to just shy of 2 years old. What baffles me is how sweetly they sit! I’m sure this doesn’t always happen, but still! I’m even more baffled by naptime (which I’ve never seen). I can’t believe Walt a) naps on a cot and b) naps in a room full of friends!

Here are some great shots of Walt in the learning process 🙂

Walt and his buddy, Juniper, painting masterpieces!

Common picture face for Walt.  You really have to catch him smiling “in the act”

All of the sweet babies reading their books!

Walt’s working a puzzle. He LOVES these and prefers the ones with different shapes. Blows my mind.

Learning numbers! Also blows my mind that Walt will count some things! (not much past 3, but still!)

Walt and his buddies (again, not good at posing)

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