Yamboree 2012

The annual Gilmer Yamboree has become such a cherished tradition in our life. Chris grew up in Gilmer, which has been hosting the Yamboree festival for the past 75 years. It’s a pretty big deal.  The kids get out of school for a couple days, there’s a pageant, a queen, duchesses, a parade, and of course the “fair” on the square.  Think State Fair of Texas on a really small, adorable scale.

Last year was Walt’s first Yamboree and he was so entralled with the parade, that at nine months old, he sat quietly in my lap for 90 minutes.  This year was even better! Not only did he enjoy the parade (BIG TRUCKS!) but he actually got to enjoy the fair.  Our friends, the McClure’s live in Tyler and we’ve made a lovely little tradition of watching the parade together with their two loveable kiddos (Cash (5), Blake (2)). 

In other amazing news, despite Walt’s car sickness of late, he neither puked on the car ride to Gilmer, nor puked on any of the midway rides. Woo hoo! I’ll leave the rest up to the pictures:

Just a wee bit apprehensive right before the very first ride goes… When the ride stopped, he signed “more, more, more”

Daddy and Walt on the Merry Go Round… Daddy trying not to puke (wonder where Walt gets it??)

Sweet cousin Maddie helping Walt on the boat

These motorcycles may have won me Mom of the Year… the seat belt barely snapped, and as you can see, Walt spent the whole ride slowly slipping off the seat. At least I got a pic. Priorities, people.

Walt playing with a Gilmer friend (the dog and the human)

Parade day! Walt LOVES Cash and gave him high five

These poor kids were hungry, thirsty, and right in direct sunshine.  Janna and I said next year we’ll have food, water, sunscreen…. and mimosas.

Cousin Maddie is on this float!  She’s in the front on the far side.  The duchess on this float even gave Walt a shout out as they came by. Future Yam King? I think yes. (Yam King = not a real thing)

Best seat in the house

This happened in t-minus 3 minutes once we got in the car. The funniest part was I kept asking him if he wanted lunch, wanted water, wanted to eat? With his eyes closed, he just kept saying noooo. 🙂

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  1. Sara says:

    aw – that looks really fun!


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