Show Me Your Funny Face

As working parents (and parents with not exactly the same schedule… there’s lots of handing off in our house), we communicate a lot with our phones.  No, of course we don’t talk on our phones. Do people do that?? We text and send pics and videos of the Munka man.   However, we started seeing a lots of similar pics from each other: here’s Walt eating, here’s Walt playing outside, here’s Walt picking his nose… the norm.

So, we’ve started sending each other funny faces. Walt is a great sport and REALLY gets into it when you use the “self camera” on the iPhone and he can see both his own face and the picture taker’s face. 

Some silly faces:

Funny #1
Stick your tongue out – classic funny face

Popeye (mom) and Walt making funnies. Walt getting tickled at my goofiness 🙂
And just a fun one 🙂

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