Halloween Party!

This year, Halloween has been so much more involved. I love it!  Chris and I thought long and hard about Walt’s costume. Knowing very well that our years of dictating costumes are numbered, we figured we’d continue our brainwashing.  We agreed that Walt should be a sportsplayer of some sort, and quickly picked football player (what’s ironic about this is neither Chris nor I really want Walt to actually play football… too scary!).  Since Chris and I differ on which pro teams we root for (GO BRONCOS), it was easy to turn Walt into a little Aggie.

In addition to normal Halloween activities, we were invited to a Halloween Party at Storybook Ranch for one of Walt’s classmates. It was a GREAT time and I’m so thankful this little girl’s mom decided to have the party. I kicked and screamed last year when I didn’t get to take Walt to a pumpkin patch and this year was quickly headed in that same direction. Enter party invite where the party is AT a pumpkin patch. Two birds! Yes!

Here is Walt having fun with his friends:

A bounce house! Walt was a boune king. Love this action shot. His friends Juniper (kitty cat), Jaxon (Thor), and the party host, Addison (Minnie) made it more fun.

My little 12th Man 🙂

On the haride.  Juniper telling us all what’s going on, Walt confused, and Jaxon ready to protect at a moment’s notice

He’s gotten so independent. Stop it!

The gratuitous pumpkin/hay picture! Yay!

Chasing chickens and goats with Juniper

Miss Becky helping Walt touch the goats

I can’t wait for actual Halloween with this excited little man. He’s such a curious bear, and I know he’ll love Halloween!

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  1. Sara says:

    he looked so cute! definitely one of the fave pics I saw on fb 🙂


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