Happy Halloween!

What a different a year makes!  Halloween at almost 2 years old is a totally different ballgame from Halloween at almost 10 months. It’s WAY more fun!  Since I already gave you the background on the costume, I’ll dive right in to Halloween festivities.

It’s important to note (not really sure why it’s important, but I feel like mentioning), that I flew in from Charlotte just hours before the fun began. Never a dull moment, people!

Our neighbors, the Allens, has a fun little gathering in their front yard starting in the late afternoon. It was perfect for all our little toddlers considering It doesn’t get dark til nearly 7:00 and that’s Walt’s normal bedtime. So, the kids had a blast just running around in their costumes. And we still got to do some traditional trick or treating, which Walt TOTALLY figured out. After one house he was marching up to the door, ringing doorbells, and saying “chick a cheek”. He even managed a few “thank yous” in there, so I’m a happy mama.

Walt giving his buddy, Austin the Fireman, his fireman hat

Ready! Hut!

The princess costume is popular among the ladies. I love it!

Baby Laura is a precious little bumble bee!

The boys ready to find candy!

There goes Walt with Austin close behind… gimme some candy!

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