Goin’ on a Hike

Per my previous post, I’m underwater with end-of-semester deadlines.  Lucky for me, our neighbors rock.  Our neighbor, Josh, offered to take his son, Austin, and Walt to a hiking trail on Sunday morning.  I saw a window of opportunity to sit on the couch and catch up on dvr’d shows start a 15-page term paper. It was really a nice gesture. Austin and Walt are about a month apart, so I knew Josh would have his hands full.  I basically handed him a little bag of snacks and said “Good luck!”

According to the pics that follow, those boys (all three of them) had a real blast. Austin and Walt are truly little buds, and it warms my heart.  They take MyGym class together and Walt knows exactly where Austin lives and always asks for him.

Here are pics of the 2 hour adventure (plus Josh took them to lunch after!)  So awesome!

Look, a tree!

Tweedledee and Tweedledum on the bridge

Walt goofing off per usual

I just LOVE this picture. Walt gets so tickled with Austin!

Sweet friends!


Trying to get into the mud

 Walt had a blast and talked about their adventure for days!

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