Munks the Chatterbox

Recently (in the past month or so), Walt has REALLY improved his speech. He’s gone from single words to putting two, three, four words together and really has a conversation. It’s really pretty awesome.  Now, Walt definitely has his own language. Chris and I are mostly fluent in “Walt-ese”, but there are plenty of times we stare at each other truly questioning what our son just said (Did he just ask to watch an elephant sing?).

Sometime soon when I find more time I will post a few YouTube videos of the Munks chatting away. For now, you can enjoy this abbreviated list:

  • “Where’d (insert name) go??” — First off, Walt is really fantastic with names. He usually catches on to people (or animal) names right away, then obsesses about asking where people are.
  • “(Insert name), where are you?” — please refer to the above phrase. This usually follows that
  • “(Insert name ), is at home/work” — if Chris or I turn the question back on Walt (I don’t know, Walt, where DID Daddy go?), Walt usually answers “They are at home” or “They are at work”. Those are your only choices.
  • “Please”, “Thank you”, “Bless you”, “‘Scuse me” — this is Walt’s glossary of manners. He is really pretty studly at sayiing Thank You without prompting. He just starting blessing us when we sneeze, and he REALLY thinks it’s funny when Daddy fake burps, and promptly responds with “excuse me!”
  • “Kick the ball?” – we hear this a lot. When we go outside, he incessantly wants to kick the soccer ball
  • “Go, Aggies, Go!” “Football!” “Touchdown!” – these are my personal favorite. No matter what football game is on, Walt is rooting for the Aggies (brainwashed??). And he constantly yells at the TV. He’ll say “uh oh” if guys fall down and yells “touchdown” whenever he deems a play satisfactory.

Words Walt says wrong, that I love:

  • Boppy = water (sippy cup)
  • Applesauce = Octopus
  • Soccer ball = sucker (lollipop)

In addition to these phrases, Walt has a whole string of words he says. He’s definitely a parrot. Not that Chris and I have potty mouths, but random things come out and get repeated (“that guy’s a tool”).  What a super fun time this is! I can’t wait for Walt to continue to communicate more (or can I?!) 🙂

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  1. Sara says:

    aw! I LOVE the transformation of language. There are so many fun yet different stages. awesome


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