Thanksgiving 2012

I realize this post is out of order, but at the moment, my life is a little out of order!

I wanted to make sure we captured the awesome time we had in Gilmer for Thanksgiving. We only spent a couple of days, but it was really a great time. Not only did we have the pleasure of hanging out with Nana and Papa (Chris’s folks), and Walt’s cousins, Kate and Maddie, but Chris’s Uncle Frank and Aunt Bernadette were there. We also got a visit on Thanksgiving Day from Aunt Paula and Uncle Larry, cousin Stephanie and cousin Anna! It was a full Bruns/Lange party!

We had such gorgeous weather that Walt spent about 8 of his 10 waking hours outside. He threw a fit when we had to come in. He loves being at Nana and Papa’s where he can roam free (we call it “free-range Walt) and just play to his heart’s content.

Walt with Maddie and Izzy the dog.  We always needed to know where Izzy was.
While it appears Walt is helping with the gardening, he’s simply retrieving his golf ball lost in the rough

No lie, this kid can hit off a tee (albeit with a plastic ball and club, but give him a break!)

Maddie and Kate giving Walt more attention than he needs 🙂

Walt enjoying some time with Uncle Larry, who makes him laugh

My best boys!

I just LOVE Thanksgiving because it’s so less hectic than Christmas. Being in Gilmer really gave us the opportunity to slow down for a bit and just enjoy the greatness of our extended family!

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