I’m All Graduated and Stuff

As unbelievable as this is for me to say, I am FINALLY graduated with my MBA.  As mentioned in previous posts, UTD did this so backwards that it was really tough to appreciate the actual graduation. While I walked across the stage and got a nice pretty portfolio (with a sentimental letter from the Dean), I still have a week ahead of exams. That’s when I’ll REALLY be done.

However, I’m SO glad I decided to walk across the stage. I had toyed with the idea of walking or not for a number of reasons. One being I just couldn’t wait for this journey to be over and two, I didn’t feel it was necessary… at first.  Then as I started to think about it, I realized that this degree I worked at harder than any other (high school or college).  Graduating from h.s. and college seemed “expectedd” to me. While  I know that going to college is a huge achievement and not everyone does it, I guess I was just lucky enough to be surrounded by people who went to college and didn’t think twice about it. I don’t really remember there being another option.

Getting my MBA was 100% my choice. Something I toyed with for a few years before taking the plunge. It was also the first education I paid for (am paying for?) myself, so that definitely made me feel like I had skin in the game.  Then of course we have all the things that happened during my journey (marriage, baby, new job, etc).  All this things VERY joyous and welcomed, but all adding a layer of complexity to getting my degree. 

So, walking across that stage felt amazing.  So much so, that I even got a little teary! I was genuinely proud of myself. Even though it was a UTD ceremony, I professionally walked back to my seat after getting my fake diploma, turned to look at my parents and Chris, and proudly lifted my hands in the air with a triumphant, “WHOOP!”  Since, I was the very first person in line, I’m certain everyone saw.

I am so thankful for all the support I received over the last four years. Encouraging words and little fun distractions made the road easier to travel.  I am MOST thankful for my insanely amazing husband.  He has sacrificed a lot so I can go to school. He keeps me well fed and is the worlds best care-taker of Walt. Not one complaint out of that man in the past four years. He’s the best 🙂

There’s the set up! It was a very small ceremony compared to both my high school and college graduation, but that’s a good thing.

There I am…. first student in line.

My #1 Supporter and the reason I succeeded! I love you!

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