Christmas Picture Outtakes

In late November, our little family of three took some adorable family pics with a lovely photographer. Doesn’t that sound all nice and pleasant? While the pics that were posted to Facebook revealed a happy, smiling family of three in a nice, tranquil wooded area, what the experience was actually like was 45 minutes of chasing Walt around, bribing him with everything from his iPhone to ice cream, and desperately trying not to sweat or mess up my hair.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED how our pics came out. Lauren Ashley was our assistant wedding photographer. She has recently branched out from weddings and shooting families both here and in Tyler.  She’s uber talented and I couldn’t wait for her to shoot our family.  I was surprised (shocked, even) that we had so many great photos from the session because trying to have your almost-two-year-old do what you say, while outside, close to dinnertime is a huge feat. You can see the GOOD pics here, but I thought it would be fun to share the outtakes.

Walt supposed to be watching camera. More interested in what mom and dad are doing.

We have a LOT of these “Put me down” moments. Notice Chris and I are trying desperately to keep smiling!

Again, trying to escape

Seriously, a year ago I could toss this baby up in the air. He’s huge or I’m way out of shape.

These are my favorites. Walt thought messing with Daddy was hilarious… and it was.


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