Merry Christmas 2012!

Oh boy! What fun this Christmas was! Although Walt was almost a year old last Christmas, he really did not get it.  By the time he unwrapped his last present this year, I can positively say that he got it.

Chris and I tempered our gift buying last year for a number of reasons. First, the fact the he was only one years old, meant he didn’t need a whole lot of stuff. The empty box would have been entertainment enough. Second, Walt’s birthday is exactly two weeks after Christmas. While we did “no gifts” for his birthday last year (similar logic to the Xmas presents), we knew he’d still get some stuff.

Welp, we’ve totally changed our tune this year. Maybe it’s because the toys for older kids are so much more fun than a light-up keyboard that plays the same annoying lovely nursey rhyme over and over. Chris and I jointly discussed what we’re getting Walt, but each made some individual purchases. I’ll let the pics (and video) speak for themselves.

The “BIG” Santa gift. He couldn’t wait to start shooting hoops. See the video below

FIRE TRUCK! Walt got lots of trucks and cars and is in heaven.

Let me explain the video below.  I was ever-so-kindly lectured by my friend, Richard Zicchino, about why I need to shoot iPhone videos horizontally.  One thing that was NOT explained was if you make this realization AFTER you have already started recording, then you just get a sideways video.  I hope the terrible cinematography can be overlooked to enjoy our Christmas morning joy 🙂


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