White Christmas in the SNOW

What a wonderful and awesome surprise it was to get a nice blanket of snow on Christmas Day. It seemed like a movie! The year that Walt was born, it snowed a LOT.  It snowed the day after he was born, and then in February 2011 when he was just weeks old, it snowed for like two weeks straight or something totally ridiculous for Dallas.

But, despite ALL that snow when he was little bitty, last winter was very mild. So much so that I’m not sure we ever wore a sweater.  All that to say, Walt got to have his FIRST snow experience on Christmas Day. Since he knows some Christmas/Holiday songs, he’s very familiar with what snow is (and certainly what a snowman is).  This was our adventure into the great white powder:

Thank goodness Santa brought him a hat and mittens (but this puffy jacket cracks me up the most)

Not real sure how he feels about the snow in his face

Still unsure. Is it the snow or the cold that bothering him?

Half smile with Daddy!

Going for a walk… there were parts of the snow up to Walt’s calf!

Walking through the neighbor’s winter wonderland

Finally enjoying the snow falling and trying to pick it up!

And just to further illustrate Walt’s hesitation with the snow, I have video proof.  I will say that for the 10 minutes we were outside, he was half whining and really unsure about the whole thing, but the minute we headed back inside he completely lost his mind. Poor guy… overstimulation with the presents and now snow!  (please notice I filmed this in the correct orientation… you’re welcome).

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