Fire Fighter 2nd Birthday Party

On Saturday we hosted a little birthday party for our little man who’s about to be TWO. Sheesh, how does that happen?  And, ok, it wasn’t a little party. Technically, I invited less people than to Walt’s first birthday, but this time everyone RSVP’d! I guess Walt is a popular guy. It should also be mentioned that Walt has a large majority of little girl friends, so we can all draw our own conclusions as to what those things mean.

Despite the madness of children under 4 years old running around our house, the party was surprisingly lacking drama and tears!  I was so happy with how well all the kiddos played. And, of course, dessert and ice cream was a big hit!

I’ll do a separate post about Walt’s actual bday and talk about all the wonderful things that make him a loveable, adorable 2-year-old 🙂  For now, enjoy the party recap:

It was a weakly themed party. I didn’t do much more than than fireman/woman hats and these adorable fire hydrant cups
Got the idea on Pinterest and scoured the Internet to find these. Took a paint pen to them and voila!

Walt’s buddies from school, Jaxon and Juniper, playing very nicely!

Juniper is either staring longingly at Walt, or at his cup 🙂

Walt playing with his newly-walking friend, Dylan!
Walt and Jaxon must shop at the same store!

Singing! Walt even blew out a candle (really impressed by this!) and I managed to not cry this year (victory!)

So my kid won’t eat cake or cupcakes or really any sweets, but he will put away some ice cream (that’s my boy). He asked for a second one… and since it’s his birthday we caved.
Love this pic of all the kiddos around the kitchen table. It was swarming with activity, but so great.

While I did so much better taking pics than I did at his first birthday, I didn’t get pics of all the sweet friends who made it to the party. One of these years I’ll get it all together. Walt sure enjoyed the party and we are STILL opening presents. Now I know why we did no gifts last year! That boy is swimming in toys!

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  1. Glad to know about this birthday and hope you had great time. Couple of weeks ago, I arranged my nephew’s birthday party at an amazing event venue. Decorated venue with elegant flowers and we had an amazing event.


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