The Pros and Cons of Pregnancy

Being my second pregnancy, I have this perspective of knowing what to expect (which is kind of a load of crap, because this time around is REALLY different. That deserves its own blog post). But, in my wisdom of second pregnancy, I know what things I really should get worried about and which things I should just brush off and get over.

Knowing these things has led me to my list!


1. Tired. – This goes without saying.  And the first trimester is really, truly the devil.  The level of fatigue you feel isn’t just “man, I could use a nap.” It’s more, “Holy smokes, I need to pull over right now and sleep for three days.”  The worst part for me, what I got this sensation almost immediately when I found out I’m pregnant. Going from active mom to lazy sloth was a tough transition!

2. Weight gain. Hear me out. It’s not necessarily the scale that bothers me as much as how my clothes fit. And this in-between stage has GOT to go.  An extra 10lbs looks just like that… an extra 10 lbs.  Not a nice, cute round belly.  As my dear friend, Stori, put it: I feel like I need to wear a sign “Not fat.  Just preggs.”

3. Acne. I’m not talking about those hormonal zits you get the week before you’re period. Those things you expect and plan for.  I’m talking about pimple insanity that sneaks up behind you. Before you know it, you’ve got pimples in places you’ve never had before.  Forget the concealer. The more you use, the more those little bastards pop up.  I regularly see a dermatologist (because I’m vain and really can’t handle the zits), and you know it’s bad when she kindly pats your shoulder and says “I’ll see you in 9 months.” You can’t take jack crap for those onry little blemishes except some creams that are about as effective as OTC Clearasil.


1. EATING – Now, I’m not really on the “eat everything you want and see because your pregnant” bandwagon, however, I do not even blink an eye when the waiter drops off the basket of bread. Yes, I’ll take four slices, and can you bring some more??  I’m not a strict eat when without child, but I am conscious of what goes in my mouth.  Right now I’m carbing up and not looking back… lay off, it’s whole wheat pasta, ok??  Oh, and let’s not forget dessert shall we. Ask me about the Funnel Cake Fries I had last night — holy heaven.

2.  Working Out – Wait, why is this in the pro section? It’s b/c the usual goal of working out is to lose weight or tone up, and when you don’t see those results you are discouraged.  However, when you are pregnant, if you walk around the block you’re a hero. The people at the gym roll their eyes as you use 3 lb weights, until they see your belly and then they are bringing you water.  It’s a real easy win.

3. A baby 🙂 – Cheesy, yes, but very true. The biggest pro of being pregnant is knowing that little miracle is growing inside. I’ll be the first to admit, even this time around, it’s really surreal. You KNOW something’s going on in there (in my case, I can now see that, as my belly has popped out), but it’s very easy to forget it. 

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  1. Sara says:

    great list… I don't know if I'm deterred or inspired 😉


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