Walt’s 2-year Stats

We got to see Dr. G last week to get the offiical stats on our Munka Man.  It’s weird only seeing the doctor every six months (and now once a year!) for check ups. I guess we’ll really have to rely on our bathroom scale and wall measure to keep things accurate.

Before the stats, here are some pics of Walt at the dr’s:

In the waiting room. Walt majorly busted his lip that day at school. He’s got a nice fat lip on the lower right 🙂

Thank goodness for this iPhone! Kept him pretty entertained throughout the visit.

 So, here’s how my big boy measured up:

Height: 36.5″ – 94%  (truth be told, I think he may even be a bit taller than this. He wasn’t really cooperating).
Weight: 31 lbs 8 oz – 90%
Head: off the charts – still.

Dr. G said Walt will almost certainly be over six foot (no surprise to this girl!). If we play the game where you double their height at 2-year’s old you come up with 6′ 3″ for this kiddo. It’ll be fun to see how this shakes out. Chris is 6′ 2″, so this seems completely reasonable to me.  I fancy myself a pretty average girl (5′ 6″), but everyone thinks I’m tall. 

Walt is certainly exerting his independence these days. He can really try your patience one second, then run up to you and say, “I love you, mommy!” the next.  His speech is cracking me up these days. He does things like asks us to fake cry then says, “It’s ok, daddy” while patting your shoulder or even says “See you later, alligator!”  I love all these little sayings he’s picking up.  We’re a long ways from potty training, but I’m taking my battle one at a time.  These days we say a lot of “no fussing, Walt”.  I’ll let you know how that works out.

Despite the trials and tribulations of trying to rationalize with a 2-year-old, Walt continues to bring us immense amounts of joy. I love his silly personality, which develops daily. He loves making us laugh and laughing right along with us.  He is super friendly and social and continues to be a big name dropper. He remembers names better than I can sometimes!  I just love looking at the world through Walt’s eyes and am so blessed for these passed two years! We love you, Walt!

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  1. Sara says:

    he is so cute! love the pics 🙂


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