18 Weeks – Round 2

It’s official. I’m terrible at documenting this pregnancy.  Perhaps the fascination with the growing belly is not quite the same the second go-round.  I’d even venture to say that it causes lots of eye rolling and heavy sighs in my house. Don’t misunderstand. I’m SO SO SO elated with what’s happening and the blessing that is bestowed on us.  But, seriously, I’m not thrilled with the process. Just being honest. 

I’m a “mere” 18 weeks at this point. Not quite halfway, but it sure feels like I’m 25 weeks along.  Things have progressed at warp speed with this pregnacy. I showed faster, I gained weight MUCH more quickly, and the aches and pains have already made themselves known.  Are you just so in awe during the first pregnancy that you naively overlook all these things? Or is it because I’m older, I DO know what’s coming, or I’m spending my free time high-tailing it after a two-year old instead of vegging on the couch? Probably some of all of those things.

In more positive news (I swear I’m not Negative Nelly), we find out the gender tomorrow! So take your guesses now.

I’ve included my belly pics, so anyone who likes the “carrying high/carrying low” theory can observe and decide. I also did some side-by-side comparisons too. I didn’t take an 18 week with Walt, but I have a 17 and 19 week.  Other than the noticeably different ‘do, I’m clearly bigger this time. And, I look like I’m carrying at the same height? It’s tough for me to tell.

So, look for some BIG news tomorrow on the blog!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sara says:

    1) you look AWESOME
    2) my guess is girl – can't wait to find out!


  2. Team Bruns says:

    Pink is the overwhelming majority right now 🙂 For what it's worth, that's been my feel from early on (I had absolutely zero inclination with Walt). So a lot of people will be right or wrong tomorrow 🙂


  3. so awesome! congrats you guys and baby Walt!


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