A family of boys!

As many of you saw on Tuesday, we found out that we are having another BOY!  I couldn’t contain my excitement long enough to compose a blog post, so hastily posted to Facebook.  I do, however, want to capture what my emotions were that day and leading up to it.

When I was pregnant with Walt, I had absolutely zero inclination as to what we were having. To the point that when other moms around me were so sure of what they were having, I started to feel like I was missing some sort of motherly instinct or I was dreadfully out of touch with my body.  This time around, I thought it was a girl from the very beginning. No, not because I wanted or hoped for a girl (which I’ve now come to realize is half of that intuition I was missing with Walt), but the pregnacy seemed so different. I was noticeably more sick with Baby #2 and a whole slew of other things were happening:

1. I could tell I was carrying different. For a very long time (and maybe still, I don’t know.. too afraid to try), I could still button low-lying pants (I would just have an unsightly muffin top spilling over).  With Walt, I stopped being able to button pants well before the first tri was over. This MUST mean I’m carrying higher, right??

2. The ol’ necklace trick. You know, the one where you hold a gold necklace in the palm of your hand and depending on if it sways back and forth or side to side predicts the gender of all your kids? I have not done it WHILE pregnant, but did it a lot in college and it was always B, G, B, B. (Don’t get excited, four kids freaks me the hell out… Not sure I can get on board with that).

3. Chinese Gender Chart. Again, not a reliable source of info, but it was right with Walt (and with a bunch of my other friends). It told me I was having a girl, and I believed it.

4. Everyone on the planet.  With the exception of a VERY small minority, literally everyone thought we were having a girl. Since I agreed, this just fueled my fire.

I did have a few doubts that started to creep in the last several weeks. First off, my morning sickness shut off like a light at 13 weeks.  I’ve almost (ALMOST) forgotten what a horrible feeling that is. I feel great and not a bit of that lingers. Now this is starting to feel more like Walt 🙂  Also, this baby is massive. Not that it’s inconceivable to ferment a large baby girl, but I have inclinations that this baby is bigger than Walt (we all know how well my instincts have been)! Since day one the sono tech has been trying to tell me the baby is a week ahead of his EDD.  Trust me, he’s not  🙂

With all that said, as soon as we heard the word “boy” (or in my case, I saw it before I heard it), we were overjoyed. I just LOVE being the mom of one little boy and to get the chance to do it all over again with a little guy that sure to be different than Walt is so exciting.

Now, off to try and find a male name…. again…. 🙂

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    I bet Walt is gonna be an awesome big brother to baby boy 2 🙂


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