Grown Up Spring Break

It’s nearing the end of what I’m calling my Grown Up Spring Break.  This whole thing came about because around Christmastime I found out the company I work for was acquired and my job was redundant.  I was given two weeks transition (which was extended to a month) and then my time was up. It was all really fast. But, possibly even faster was landing my next job (to be blogged about). 

Between Chris and I, we’ve had a rollercoaster year of job ups and down. So, we needed a little celebration. I decided to take a full two weeks between my two jobs. An amount of time I haven’t taken off work since my wedding/honeymoon (and I don’t even think that was a full two weeks!).

I spent the first week plowing through projects. We bought Walt a big boy bed, I cleaned out closets, organized my office, picked out paint colors, etc. Not just that, but I got to visit friends I don’t always get a chance to see b/c weekends are short and kids take up a lot of time. It was a fabulous week!

I now feel refreshed and ready to tackle my new job…and I kind of want two more weeks off 🙂

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