Reese and Walt – Together Again

As the final activity of my Grown Up Spring Break, I got to spend the whole day with my main MunkaMan. Walt’s school was closed for President’s Day, and luckily, so was the new job. So, Munks and I tooled around all day and in the afternoon hooked up with Walt’s future wife first friend since before birth, Reese.

It’s disappointing that I can’t get these kids together more often. There’s pretty much never a chance during the week since I’m working and weekends are jam packed.  But, no matter the length of time, these kids pick up right where they left off. Walt chatted the whole time with Reese. He was fascinated by the kitty cats. And, the two played so great together (lots of sharing and giggling). Here are the two cuties playing nice

Reese showing Walt how to color on the chalkboard

A look at the future? Reese and Walt in their little house.

Watching movies in the media room. Walt was in awe!

Reese barging in looking for Walt 🙂

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