Baby #2 has a Name

I know I said this when we were trying to pick Walt’s name, but this baby-naming business is tough work!  In a casual poll among other new mommies, we agree that boys names are tougher than girls. I thought I exhausted through “great” names for boys with Walt, but when I looked back at my list for Walt, I hated all the options (except Walt).

So, Chris and I hit the drawing board to start the naming process again. Without further ado, here’s the name, then I’ll talk about how we got to it.

Oscar Angelo Bruns
Oscar was a name that ended up on our list pretty quickly. We were looking for old school names like Walter. The problem is, with the exception of very few, old school names can sound REALLY old. (Like Walt doesn’t sound old, you say? I know… but Walt had such a cool ring to it, and now Walt is so totally Walt).  I just couldn’t put my head around “Harold” and “Enoch”. The other old school names are the really common ones (great names, don’t get me wrong, but not what we were going for).  So, the list slowly got whittled away to about four names and we just started calling him Oscar. Then we did the Walt Test… we tried each name with Walt. Oscar rolled off his tongue like butter!
Angelo is a family name. It’s my grandfather’s (my mom’s dad) middle name (he was Michael Angelo… Italian enough for you?). Since Walt’s middle name (Hill) is a family name on Chris’s side, we liked idea of some family significance in the middle name.
There it is! Little Oscar is one active guy. I thought Walt moved around a lot, but Oscar is a true acrobat and has been since very early on. I better get ready!

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