I Frow Out

Let me translate. “I frow out” is what Walt said in the midst of a three-hour puking spree from about 9:30p.m. until just before 1 a.m. last night.  He means he threw up. He kept saying “throw out”, which kinda made me giggle.

I’m not sure what kind of virus that boy got a hold of, but we had a wild 24 hours. Throw up is just plain gross. Adults, children, dogs… it’s all disgusting.  And what a helpless feeling when your poor baby is just heaving away and all he wants to do is go to sleep.

After Walt’s first incident, we striped the sheets (thank you, waterproof mattress cover) and put a fresh set on, washed him down, gave him some water and got him settled. About 30 minutes later the cycle repeated. I eventually ran out of sheets (we don’t have that many for his bed. We have two sets and one extra set for the trundle). So, Walt and Chris made a palette of blankets in the gameroom and camped out together for the rest of the night.  It was such a sweet and sad site, all at the same time.

He only threw up one more time the next day, but pretty much didn’t eat for 48 hours. He’s all better now, but what an unexpected opening to our Easter weekend!

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