Hoppy Easter!

While this is technically Walt’s 3rd Easter, it’s the first one that we’ve really fully celebrated. We always celebrate with a nice family dinner, but we’ve sucked pretty bad as parents at the whole Easter Bunny/egg hunt thing.  I still didn’t quite make it to every activity, but I blame Walt’s sudden tummy bug.
This year, Nana and Papa Bruns came and stayed with us, then Easter afternoon we went to my sister’s and my parents came too. Not our first time to blend families, but I know that I’m so blessed and lucky to have two amazing families that feel like one.  Walt took to the whole Easter basket thing like a champ. He LOVED opening up each egg and seeing what was inside. Since he’s not much of a candy eater (yay for now!) I filled the eggs with Annie’s Bunnies, stickers, and some quarters. He thought the quarters were pretty stinking cool.  I even had a couple dollar bills in a few, but he was way more interested in the quarters. He got a kick out of putting them in his piggy bank.
Here’s some of the fun we had with the families
Feeding the ducks after dinner

Engle and Bruns boys… looking for trouble

Three generations of Bruns! I’d say those are some pretty great genes!
Feeding ducks with Jaelyn, who’s a total pro.

I can’t wait til next year when there are two boys who get to celebrate the Easter Bunny and have so many more things to be thankful for!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    My mom did some of the gold dollar coins for my nieces/nephew. cash is always good 🙂 ah, also carousel tokens, which the girls love.


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