Walt Goes to the Dentist

Walt had another first today… he visited the dentist! We’re probably a little overdue on this. I know “They” say kiddos don’t need to see a dentist until they are 2, but Walt has had all 20 of his baby teeth for a really long time (since he was 18 months or so??). In any event, here we are.

We got a fabulous referral to see Dr. Laura Mitchell at Frisco Mini Molars. This woman was totally born to work with kids. It was such a wonderful, stress-free experience.  Walt was handed a toothbrush immediately when we got there, and thought this alone was pretty awesome. He proudly showed Dr. Mitchell how he brushes his teeth.

All in all, Walt’s teeth are fine. He has a little chip in one of his front teeth (probably not the last chipped tooth of his life) and no cavities. He is definitely showing some side effects from sucking a pacifier (he only has it at night, and only has one, but boy does that one paci wreck havoc!). So, we’ll be starting the Bye Bye Binky method tonight and I’ll be sure to blog about this fun adventure.

The lobby had MARKERS. A real treat (considering I’m too terrified to have those at home yet).

Dr. Mitchell letting Walt smell her cherry-flavored gloves. You think Walt is enamored?

I absolutely love this picture. Walt laid across Chris’s lap onto Dr. Mitchell’s. He just starred at her and followed all her instructions (say ahhh, open up, bite down)

Patiently letting her clean his little teeths. He kept trying to help by brushing 🙂

We left with a new toothbrush, two stickers, AND a bouncing ball. It was a big win for the Bruns family today!

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