A Visit to Gilmer

Since Chris has been working weekends for almost a year, we haven’t made as many trips to Gilmer to see the in-laws.  As a matter of fact, the last time we were there was Thanksgiving… when we announced baby #2 was on the way! Nana and Papa are wonderful and come visit us in Dallas often, so Walt hasn’t been deprived of one of his sets of grandparents.

As I’m approaching the “do not travel” stage of pregnancy, we weaseled in a quick trip to East Texas this weekend.  The trips out there are always nice. Things slow down a little bit. Nana and Papa live on a golf course with no fence, so Walt has lots of free reign.

Since this was Walt’s first time sleeping in a big-boy-bed other than his own, we knew it would be interesting.(He used to sleep in a pack n play, but even if he wasn’t fully out of his crib at home, he looks completely ridiculous in a pack n play given that he’s the size of a 3-year-old).  He actually did pretty awesome at night. Stayed in his room, etc. He did wake up a little early, but we’ll take uninterrupted sleep. Now naps were a whole different story. They were non-existent. Any parent of a toddler knows that no-nap is a kiss of death. It turns your child into this horrible monster!  Walt managed pretty good, but that is NOT a habit I want to continue.

Walt had a GREAT time playing with his cousins Kate (15) and Maddie (8). He really takes to Maddie and she adores him so much that she lets him get away with anything. She’s usually the boss, but I think Walt had her following all his directions.

Here are some pics from our fun times 🙂

Playing some baseball with Dad

These door knobs are so easy to open! Who needs naps??

Tooling around with Papa Bruns and Izzy

Playing some real golf (with non-regulation clubs) as Izzy watches

3.5 minutes after leaving Nana and Papas… you think he still needs a nap?? 🙂

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