Muffins with Mom

Today I got to do my very first school activity with Walt!  True, he’s been at this school since he was 12 weeks old, but up until they reach 2-years-old, it operates more like a daycare. Now he’s in a toddler class and doing real Montessori work (which is totally fascinating).  So, the school has little events all the time, but normally doesn’t include the under-two crowd. Not this time!

My big boy just enjoying some special time together 😉

I got to celebrate Mother’s Day in Walt’s adorable little classroom. I sat at a little table on a little chair just like he does every day.  (Let me just tell you how well this 7.5month pregnant mama fit in that teeny tiny chair…). We ate muffins together (yes, Walt actually ate a muffin… at least he licked the top). And he gave me a homemade gift.

Walt’s sweet friend, Juniper, and her mommy, Becky. So happy to have some long-term friends made at this school!

Then he showed me some things he does in the classroom like read books on the rug.  He was such a little stud and so excited to have me there. He even manned up when it was time for me to leave, gave me a kiss, and went back to his work (no tears!).

We’re sittin’ on the rug. No big deal

I can’t believe how big and independent he’s becoming. It warms my heart to the point of tears (yeah, I totally choked up when I walked in his classroom). I know he’s about to grow up really fast in just a matter of weeks, so these little moment are extra special to me!

Walt was really excited to show me the rug. 

Apparently the rug is for reading, which Walt does very well 🙂

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