Walt’s Big Boy Room


I think this room is as close to complete as it will be for a while. We started the transformation all the way back in February. The catalyst was buying and transitioning to a big boy bed. I really didn’t want to have to buy a second crib, even though Walt’s crib converts to a toddler bed. It was completely psychological.

Before I really had any idea how I wanted to decorate the room, we bought the bed. Then once I found bedding I liked , the other details started coming together. For whatever reason, I’m not a big fan of themed rooms. So, we just went for something boy and a little bit of sports. 🙂

Next up is Oscar’s room which is getting close!

There’s the big boy bed/bedding. We still use the toddler rail and often line up Walt’s stuffed animals along the wall to ensure no slippage. (And the animals are normal in the bed per Walt’s request).  The color on the walls is a really light greyish blue (with the obvious orange stripe).
The bookshelf was definitely a Pinterest steal. I found it, came up with the idea of painting the interior orange, and Chris did everything else. He put it together, nailed the shelves together and even made the seat cushion 🙂  Walt’s newborn diarama made it on top of his dresser, too.
Opposite wall from the bed. It’s as “theme-y” as the room gets, but I love these prints. Found them on Etsy and they were color-matched to  the room.
(the “W” is a carry-over from the nursery that I can’t bear to get rid of since Chris crafted that too). 

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