As those 12 weeks come to a close…

Wow. I can’t believe my maternity leave is up.  12 weeks on paper seems like a long time. If you told me that my next vacation was in 12 weeks, I’d think it was forever away! 12 weeks from the date of this blog is just before Christmas. I can’t decide if I should start panicking or breathe a sigh of relief.

In any event, my 12 weeks of pure Oscar bonding time is up. Now it’s time to figure out our new (and likely more permanent) routine. But before I stress about that (omg, I have to get up at WHAT time??!), I’d like to commemorate a very important piece of my maternity leave. As I’ve written, my BFF Stori and I had babies just 10 days apart (that is in addition to our firstborns, which are a whopping three months apart).  During my leave, Stori and I committed to a once-a-week visit. Not only did we uphold that, but some weeks we even got a double dose.

There’s not enough room in my blog to express how special those visits were.  For anyone who’s been a new mom (and even soon-to-be new moms), you know the true understanding that comes from fellow mommies. I’ll take it even further to say that having a mom-buddy that is experiencing the exact same things (sleepless nights, poop explosions, swaddle vs no swadde, nap frustrations, and general what-the-hell-is going-on) is completely invaluable.

So, I thought I’d share the evolution of the babies during our 12 week “party”…

one of the very firsts… sleepy babies

I mean, how sweet??

ok, so the first several visits were a lot like this. Lots of sleeping for babies and chatting for mommies

FINALLY! They are both awake… this is probably close to week 9

Impromtu visit… one of our only out-of-house ones… babies sleep, mommies get pedis

And our very last meet up we intentionally planned with mimosas.  Stori and I both left crying.

For anyone that doesn’t have that mommy buddy, find one! Or better yet, text me! I love talking babies and strategizing ways to make them sleep, eat, or do whatever it is you want. I couldn’t have a better buddy than Stori and I’m so thankful for the past 12 weeks!

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