What’s in a Nickname

I’m not really sure how they came about, but Chris and I managed to nickname both the boys within days of their existence. I don’t even know how we came up with the names because it’s not like we knew what the babies would be like. Turns out, the nicknames couldn’t be more wrong for each of the boys.

We called Walt “Monkey Man” from the beginning. Quickly it got shortened to MunkaMan and finally to its most common form, Munks.  Chris and I call him Munks to each other “Did you feed Munks dinner”, but it’s rare we actually all Walt “Munks” to his face. The irony comes in because Walt is far from a daredevil kid. On the contrary, he’s super cautious. He’s not at all afraid to try new things, but he always wants to be certain that he can accomplish something before trying it. I think this is why it to him until 15 months to walk. He wanted to make sure he could execute perfectly. And I can also say he’s not really a clumsy kid at all. He falls down like any kid, but his cautious nature prevents random trips. (Author’s note: this clumsy trait is fiercely dominant on my side, so clearly he favors dad here).

Like Munks, we started calling Oscar “Stinks” from a young age. Again, I have no idea where this generated. It just happened. So, Stinks it is. Munks and Stinks. What’s wrong with this nickname, you ask? Unlike his big brother who still poops daily if not multiple times a day, Stinks poops once every 3-4 days. Stinks is not that stinky!

I love these loving names and wonder how long they will last. I can’t wait to see the back of one of their sports jerseys with Munks or Stinks on it 🙂

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